THL Brand Story

Our company was founded in 2010 and located in Shenzhen, the capital of the world’s electronic products. In 2010, smart phones developed rapidly. Combining the company’s resources and supply chain advantages, we chose to develop and produce our own brand
smart phone products, named THL and created very good sales. Because of good quality and very affordable prices, our mobile phones are top-selling brands in China and abroad.

We have more and more mature experience in the development and production of smart phones, and we also have a large factory with more than 1,000 employees. We are always looking for more business expansion. As a result, in 2015 began to increase the production of iPhone replacement display business.

Apple is a great company, and the ultimate user experience makes the iPhone the most popular smartphone in the world, occupying a very large share of the market. Of course, the expensive price of the iphone includes expensive repair costs. The most vulnerable display starts at  hundreds dollars in the after-sales repair cost of Apple. In order to reduce the burden of repair costs for consumers, our company began to produce LCD displays that are compatible with iphones. and the pursuit of screen quality as the core of the exploration, and strive to make the display effect close to the original or the same as the original, our products quickly occupied the market after launch, became the gospel of many people with broken iPhone screens.

Our brand vision is: Technology Happy Life. We provide more choices for nearly one billion Apple users around the world. Because of good quality and cheap price, consumers can easily find LCD screens with the best price-performance ratio for them, and use the money saved to improve the quality of life.

To enhance customer experience and know our brand more deeply, we have established overseas warehouses in France/Italy/USA and other places, so that European and American customers can receive products in the shortest time after placing an order. , Enjoy our service and feel the charm of our brand

THL has experienced 11 years of history, and has been constantly innovating, developing and improving on the road of technology happy life. We believe that with the support of customers identify with  our products, we will become stronger.



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