THL Screen Replacement Guide for iPad Pro 12.9 2018


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Step 1

  • Be sure to turn off the iPad by pressing and releasing the volume up button then volume down.
  • Press and hold the side button until the screen turns off.
  • Use the slider if you can.
  • Not powering it off can blow out your LCD back light just like iPhones other iPads!

Step 2

  • You can use a heat gun or another handy heating method! MUST DO!
  • Heating the entire screen will help make it easy to safely remove the screen.

Step 3

  • Leave it on the heat for 15 minutes to loosen the strong adhesive.
  • Use a metal pry tool near the least broken shattered side.
  • Use a suction cup to pull up the screen so that you can insert a plastic pick

Step 4

  • Apply tape or adhesive over broken glass!
  • Bust out the metal pry tool lifting broken causing glass to stick to tape working your way around broken side.
  • Wiggle Jiggle the screen off the adhesive using multiple plastic guitar picks.
  • Do Not Tear the Screen Off!!!

Step 5

  • Do not rip the screen off!! Cables are very short will cause internal Damages!!!
  • On the Top of the screen the proximity sensor front camera has to be disconnected 1st.

Step 6

  • Lay screen flat pull it down just enough to use a PH000 Screw drive to remove the safety bracket
  • Use Flat Ended Spoudger remove the bracken and cable from the Logic board!

Step 7

  • Perfect! Now Lift the screen folding it up to the left like so!
  • Remove 5 PH000 Screws protecting Power Connection and Display Cables

Step 8

  • PH000 to Battery Connection
  • After detaching battery connection
  • Move Small cable is taped around edges up so you can properly disconnect battery connection
  • Remove all 3 ribbon cables from logic board with flat headed spudger!

Step 9

  • Just a touch of heat don't melt the thing off remove the face ID sensor from Old Screen.
  • Damaging Proximity sensor could effect True Tone with 3rd Party Parts
  • Gently use a tool to get under glued down connection on glass frame of screen!

Step 10

  • Remove Bracket off old screen you and move it to new screen
  • Transfer Cables and Bracket to new screen          

Step 11

  • Place Screen without adhesive test your screen and face ID
  • After running test take

Step 12

  • Clean Edges with flat ended metal tool to remove broken glass
  • Clean desk of glass on table get ready to remove Proximity sensor from old screen!
  • Do not clamp recommend to use flat and heavy object
  • Broken glass on the frame will crack your new screen 

We suggest users apply tempered glass film and protect shell for iPad, especially when you have kids who using iPad every day. In that case, it could protect your iPad better and reduce the risk being damaged & reduce the repairing cost.

Thank you for choosing THL.

Enjoy your new screen!