THL Screen Replacement Guide for iPad Pro 12.9 2017

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Step 1

Before changing your iPad Pro 12.9 "(2017) screen, you must turn off the tablet for obvious security reasons.

To do this, press the On / Off button on the upper edge for a few moments.

Then validate with "Switch off".

Step 2

Insert the SIM ejector (present in the box of your iPad or our tool kit ) in the small hole of the SIM drawer at the bottom of the left edge.

The SIM drawer will eject by itself.

Step 3

The SIM drawer is extracted.

Step 4

Take a walk around the bathroom to pick up your hair dryer to heat 2 to 3 minutes all around the screen.

Be careful not to heat the center of the LCD too much to avoid damaging it.

Do not hesitate to heat again later if resistance is felt.

Step 5

Gently insert an opening pick on the top corner of the screen to create an opening.

Then slide the opening pick all the way around.

Be careful not to push the pick too far on the lower part. Tablecloths are hidden.

Again, you may need to heat the screen!

Step 6

Gently lift the top of the screen 90 ° to access the cables connecting it to the motherboard.

CAUTION, the screen is always attached by tablecloths!

Step 7

Use the Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 6 screws circled in blue. (Photo 1)

Then start to unclip the black cover using the nylon spatula.

Step 8

Continue to remove the cover / shield in order to extract it completely.

Step 9

Take the screwdriver again to unscrew the screw circled in blue. (Photo 1)

Use an opening pick to lift the battery connector.

This allows the iPad repair to continue without the risk of a battery short circuit!

Step 10

Continue by unscrewing the other 4 cruciform screws circled in blue. (Photo 1)

Use the pliers to remove the metal plate.

Step 11

Then disconnect the two tablecloths from the screen using the nylon spatula.

Step 12

The iPad Pro 12.9 "(2017) display is separate and partially disassembled.

Now all you have to do is remove the home button in order to put it back on your new screen and keep the Touch ID function;)

Step 13

Again with the hair dryer, heat the home button assembly to facilitate its removal.

Then peel off the first part of the black plastic cover using the spatula .


Step 14

Unlock the home button cable with the nylon spatula.

Then take it out.

Attention the tablecloth is fragile. If you damage it, Touch ID will be lost permanently :(

Step 15

All you have to do is "push" the button out of its housing.

Step 16

The iPad Pro 12.9 "(2017) home button is extracted and the screen completely disassembled.

Follow this free tutorial to replace it!

Don't forget to put the original home button back on the new screen to preserve Touch ID!


We suggest users apply tempered glass film and protect shell for iPad, especially when you have kids who using iPad every day. In that case, it could protect your iPad better and reduce the risk being damaged & reduce the repairing cost.

Thank you for choosing THL.

Enjoy your new screen!