THL Screen Replacement Guide for iPad Pro 11" 2018

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Step 1

Before replacing your iPad Pro 11 ", it is necessary, for obvious security reasons, to turn it off.

To do this, press and hold the On / Off button on the top right of the iPad for a few seconds.

Then confirm the extinction by "switch off".

Step 2

Then insert the SIM drawer extraction tool into the hole provided for this purpose.

Press lightly so that the drawer ejects on its own.

Then remove it

The SIM tray is at the bottom of the right edge of the iPad.

Step 3

Your iPad Pro 11 "SIM Tray is now removed.

Step 4

With a hair dryer, heat a few seconds around the screen.

Be careful not to heat the center of the screen as this may damage it.

Step 5

Gently slide the spatula into the upper right corner, between the screen and the frame, to create a slight opening.

Then insert a pick to take over and remove the spatula.

Then drag the pick all the way around the screen to take off smoothly. (Photo below)

If resistance is felt, do not hesitate to reheat the screen at the risk of cracking it.

Step 6

Gently lift the top of the screen.

And shift it slightly to the side so you can access the tablecloths that hold it.

Be careful not to completely remove the screen at the risk of cutting the tablecloths.

Step 7

Unscrew the two Phillips screws to remove the cover and release the proximity sensor connector with the nylon spatula.

Step 8

Keep the nylon spatula to unlock the proximity and brightness sensor connector.

Step 9

Now open the screen like a book.

Be careful not to remove it completely as it is always held by tablecloths.

Step 10

Reuse the Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 3 screws circled in red. (Photo 1)

Then remove the protective plate from the tablecloths using the nylon spatula.

Step 11

Keep the nylon spatula in hand to disconnect the first tablecloth from the screen.

Do the same for the second tablecloth.

These two tablecloths are used to manage the Apple Pencil stylus.

Step 12

Two other tablecloths are now visible.

Disconnect them, in turn, with the nylon spatula.

These tablecloths manage the display and touch. 

Step 13

Your iPad Pro 11 "is now disassembled.

In case of display problem or broken screen, replace it with a new screen.


We suggest users apply tempered glass film and protect shell for iPad, especially when you have kids who using iPad every day. In that case, it could protect your iPad better and reduce the risk being damaged & reduce the repairing cost.

Thank you for choosing THL.

Enjoy your new screen!