THL Screen Replacement Guide for iPad Air 4

THL Screen Replacement Guide for iPad Air 4

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THL's screen repair experts guide you how to replace the screen step by step:

Adjust the CPB screen separation heating station w/thermostat to 80°

Put iPad Air 4 on it for 3 minutes

After heating, separate screen from back housing with 2.5” Single handed power puller.

Insert Ecooper opening card into gap in the bottom and side.

Display assembly flexes lays in right side, so we slide from left to right.

Don’t insert too deep to protect inside display & touch flexes.

Unbolt screw of battery FPC shield plate.

Insulate battery with Ecooper opening card to prevent static when

assembling screen which might short-circuit the board.

Unbolt 2 screws and flex FPC shield plate.

Disconnect flexes and take off the damaged screen.

Let’s take a brand new iPad Air 4 display & replace screen step by step.

Use new waterproof adhesive and apply it on the new screen.

Fasten adhesive with tweezers, make it more compact with glass.

 Remove extra films.

Connect new screen to mother board of iPad Air 4.

Install flex FPC shiled plate and screws.

Take off Ecooper opening card.

Fasten battery shield plate screw back.

Install new screen back and push it slightly until it fit back housing completely.

Remove screen protect film.

Power on and test, both display & touch functions work well.

New screen fit back housing perfectly without any gap, the screen

replacing complete successfully.

In conclusion, when replacing screen of iPad, be more careful that don’t insert opening card too deep, to protect inside display & touch flexes, and make sure insulate the battery from broad before disconnect & connect screen, to prevent board short-circuited by static.

We suggest users apply tempered glass film and protect shell for iPad, especially when you have kids who using iPad every day. In that case, it could protect your iPad better and reduce the risk being damaged & reduce the repairing cost.

Thank you for choosing THL. Enjoy your new screen now!


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