THL Screen Replacement Guide for iPad Air 3

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Step 1

Before disassembling the iPad Air 3 screen, it is necessary, for obvious safety reasons, to turn it off.

To do this, keep the on / off button pressed for a few seconds.

Then slide the "Power off" button to the right.

Step 2

To open the device, you will need to heat the edges of the screen with a hair dryer to soften the glue that fixes it to the frame.

Be careful, the glue is very strong, you shouldn't hesitate to heat it long enough for it to melt enough to take off the screen.

Step 3

Once well heated, you will have to insert the tip of the iSesamo spatula in a corner of the device to create a small opening.

You can use this same tool by sliding it all around the device to gradually peel off the screen.

Do not hesitate to place the picks of your tool kit on each edge to prevent the screen from sticking back together.

Be careful, if you feel that it is very resistant, do not hesitate to heat more so as not to damage.

Step 4

Once the screen is unstuck, lift it gently in this way to uncover the metal plate that protects the screen connecting cables.

Unscrew the 2 screws circled in red with the Phillips screwdriver.

Step 5

Then remove the metal plate.

Step 6

Now disconnect all the connecting cables from the screen.

Step 7

Please note that there are 4 cables to unplug in all.

Step 8

Once the connecting cables have been disconnected, the iPad Air 3 screen is completely disassembled, you can install a new one.

We suggest users apply tempered glass film and protect shell for iPad, especially when you have kids who using iPad every day. In that case, it could protect your iPad better and reduce the risk being damaged & reduce the repairing cost.

Thank you for choosing THL.

Enjoy your new screen!


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