iPhone X Screen Repair & Replacement - THL Official Support

iPhone X Screen Repair & Replacement - THL Official Support

iPhone X Screen Repair & Replacement - THL Official Support

I'm a THL engineer, Let’s face it. You’re probably going to break the screen on your iPhone X at some point. Today, I’m going to show you how to replace your iPhone X display without losing Face ID.

Customer feedback does not turn on, because the device does not have any damage from the appearance, but it does not display, and I heard the alarm clock ringing just now, so we think it is a problem that the screen does not turn on.

Let's take it apart and take a look. We can see that the device is disassembled for the first time, the inside of the waterproof glue is clean and has not been repaired. So first, we will change the screen for you to test. Be careful not to pull the cable too hard. If you pull too hard, it will be easily broken, and you can take it off easily. In addition, do not cause secondary damage during the maintenance process, this is the key point. The device is already lit, then the problem is that the screen is damaged.

OLED is different from TFT display. TFT display is sometimes damaged and the backlight can be bright, but OLED does not have a backlight. Touch can be used when the screen is not bright. We can see that the device shows that it is disabled for one minute, it may be pressed too many times wrongly, this is a problem of LCD screen damage.

By the way, some precautions for replacing the LCD screen, everyone is more concerned about the problem of waterproof glue. Apple's waterproof is to add a layer of waterproof glue between the two planes. We can see that the edges of iPhone X are relatively thick and flat. The same is true for its LCD screen. It has reserved a flat and wide area, just after the glue is attached, it will be more airtight when we buckle it up.

Some devices will be deformed after you fall, and if it is deformed, it will have a gap and lose its waterproof effect. So when you get a new phone, you can throw it in water with no problem. But after using it for a month or two, it will not be waterproof after being dropped and bumped. So when you put a layer of waterproof glue on this phone after dismantling and repairing it, you think it should be waterproof, but it is not. Especially the deformation of the middle frame with the broken rear glass, we may not be able to observe the deformation, but it is already a big gap for water. Therefore, we must pay attention to waterproofing after replacing the rear glass or replacing the LCD screen.

Because the iPhone X is different from other mobile phones, its face recognition part, especially the light sensor head, is very easy to be damaged if it gets into water, and the light sensor has a very low repair rate as long as it gets water.


Another aspect is the true tone color problem. The true tone color depends on whether the light sensor of your camera is damaged, that is to say, there are several parts on the front camera (speaker, light sensor, and distance sensor).

It is the automatic brightness that affects the true tone color. There is a chip in the automatic brightness that also has a code to turn it on. Every time it is turned on, the motherboard will identify whether the code in the chip is correct. If it is correct, it will turn on the true tone color function, if it is not the same, it will not have the true tone color function.

In addition, there is a code stored in the LCD chip. This code also needs to be matched when the device is turned on. These two codes directly affect the true tone color function. So when you replace it, you must pay attention to these two parts, one is the screen and the other is the light sensor. Also, the distance sensor must not enter water, and you must not wipe the light sensor with similar solvent liquid. If the liquid enters your light sensor, it may cause damage. This is why some masters do not know the reason, and the device has no face after disassembly and assembly.

When you paste this screen glue, you must remove the original glue. If you don't remove it, it is not a complete plane. After you install it, the device will lose its waterproof function. Another is that when installing the LCD screen, the cable must be folded over. Don't press it directly. If you press it directly into a dead corner, it will break.

The way to detect it is to look at the edge after installation, don't let it arch, if you feel it arched, then it must be pressed against the cable. If it is pressed at a right angle, because we often touch and press it, it will break. After breaking, there will be no touch, and then no display.

Finally, your screen will be scrapped. The replacement is very simple, just remove the three screws, take the screen off and replace it with a new LCD screen. When replacing an LCD screen, you need to read the data of the old screen and write it into the new screen. Like us, pls follow.