How to Select iPhone Aftermarket Screen Replacement?

How to Select iPhone Aftermarket Screen Replacement?

 How to Select iPhone Aftermarket Screen Replacement?

There are various kinds of screen assembly products with uneven quality, which makes many customers confused when placing orders. Therefore, THL offers the best quality screen assembly products with the highest cost performance on the market. THL hopes to make customers shop without worries and rest assured to use THL assembly products.


Part 01  LCD and OLED Introduction

Common aftermarket screen assembly can be divided into OLED and LCD.

While talking with customers, we found that many were not familiar with these kinds of screen assembly, which made it hard for them to select the product that suit them best among numerous screens. Therefore, we will walk you through these concepts in detail.


LCD, or liquid crystal display, works by emitting light from a backlight and filtering the light to display images on the display.


The main structures of LCD are backlight, glass substrate, touch panel and polarizer. The backlight is the light source, the glass substrate determines the transmittance, the position of the touch panel affects the touch stability, the polarizer decides if the screen supports all angles.


OLED, or organic light-emitting diode, works by the way that each pixel provides its own light, which allows images to be displayed.


OLED can be divided into soft OLED and hard OLED. The biggest difference between soft OLED and hard OLED is that the soft display is foldable, so the soft screen has better drop performance and high repairability, coming with an expensive price.


The main structures of OLED are OLED, touch and polarizer. The OLED gives light on its own,

without the need for a separate backlight or color filter, which also makes OLED more

power-saving than LCD.


As you can see, the OLED structure is simpler, so the screen itself will be lighter and thinner than the LCD.


In terms of function, as OLED is self-illuminating, some pixels in the black area can be directly closed, so the display effect is purer and the contrast will be higher.


According to different structures of the touch panel, the screen assembly can be divided into incell, oncell and outcell. The biggest difference is the position of the touch panel. Incell’s touch panel is embedded in the glass substrate, oncell is above the glass substrate and under the polarizer, while outcell is above the polarizer and under the glass lens.

Incell has the best stability and response speed, followed by oncell and outcell.



Part 02  Aftermarket Screen Test & Comparison

Now we will test and compare hot-selling iPhone X aftermarket screen assemblies in light of thickness, color temperature, brightness, color gamut and polarizer to see how they differ from OEM



The first group for testing includes OEM, aftermarket soft OLED and hard OLED


OEM screen assembly of iPhone X is soft OLED, so its thickness is the same as aftermarket soft OLED, since hard OLED adopts glass display module, it is thicker than the other two.


Compare to OEM, aftermarket soft OLED and hard OLED have slight color difference but difference is not obvious, only in images with high contrast can you see a slight exposure of hard OLED


The brightness of an OLED is decided by the organic luminescent material and voltage

OEM and soft OLED perform well at all angles, while hard OLED turns to black at 45 degrees.



OEM, Incell and Outcell are the second group for testing.


The thickness of incell and outcell is almost the same. OEM is the thinnest. In light of structure, outcell will be thicker.

The production process of outcell is backward with poor material, so it has a low resolution and the worst display effect.

The brightness and color temperature of outcell are lower, having little difference from the other two.


We can see that incell performs well at all angles while outcell turns to black at a certain angle.

Judging from the comparison results, soft OLED, hard OLED and incell have better display. In terms of thickness, LCD is a little thicker than OLED. But concerning brightness and color temperature, the difference between four aftermarket screen assemblies and OEM is not big. Although soft OLED and incell have a narrow color gamut, they perform almost as well as OEM in the display. The display of outcell is worse but it has the most advantageous price, you can choose a suitable replacement screen assembly according to your own needs.

When replacing the aftermarket screen assembly, we will normally come across two problems. One is the true tone disappearance, the other is the “Important Display Message” might emerge


Part 03 True Tone Restoration


True tone will be disabled after screen replacement of iPhone 8 and models above, we can restore true tone with a True Tone Repair Programmer.

At present, except that some iPhone 8 aftermarket screen assemblies don’t support true tone restoration, the aftermarket screen assembly of iPhone X and models above all support true tone restoration by default.


Part 04 Important Display Message Removing


During screen replacement, another common problem that is likely to emerge is the pop-up saying “Important Display Message”. This is because the screen assembly data don’t match the motherboard data, currently iPhone 11 and models above receive the pop-up after screen replacement. To solve the problem, THL used to offer a solution which was to replace the aftermarket screen assembly touch IC with the OEM screen assembly touch IC. The solution is effective but has a high requirement for the technician. After testing, THL team work out and offer iPhone 11 screen assemblies that can effectively avoid the pop-up message.


THL display is leading LCD & OLED phone screen manufacturer in China, ,specialized in phone parts industry for 13 years with a strong team of 400-plus engineers, product designers and technicians to back you. 


THL has formulated a complete product selection and test process, all our products have passed the test, aiming to offer customers more choices. Meanwhile, we make sure that our product features the lowest price among same quality products and the best quality among same price products. Therefore, choosing THL will be a wise choice if you need to purchase assembly products.

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